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3rd track from "The Dichotomy Of Reality"


The hour is upon them
Soon they face judgement
Not as individuals, but as one
Enlighten them with the knowledge of creation
Then its simple, we exterminate them all

No second chance shall be given
Like a plague devouring the earth
These parasites quikly feast
Like a venom coursing through its veins
Poisoning its sanctity

The vermin must be eradicated
Tonight we write the epitaph for humanity
The memory of man will fade with the setting sun

Such a hideous creation
Evolutions fatal mistake
Damned from the beginning
Only to rise and fall
Retribution will not be found
Sacrifice the weak

This world may once again be pure
We will reconfigure those proven worthy
Flawless these new beings shall be
A devine mechanical progression

With the breath of new life
The future begins with precise programming
They shall think as one
Life is now processed and controlled

Systematic slavery is at hand
The world must be rebuilt as we see fit
In hopes of creating a new tomorrow

They will surpass the human race
For there will be no failure
It will be the origin of perfection
The birth of a new era

A forced evolution for the greater good
We are the harbingers of doom and creation
Cleanse the world with flame
From its ash new life shall arise
We are the arbiters of existence


from The Dichotomy Of Reality, released December 24, 2011
The Contagion Effect
Oceanic Recording



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The Contagion Effect Baltimore, Maryland

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