The Dichotomy Of Reality

by The Contagion Effect

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The Contagion Effect's debut EP


released December 24, 2011



all rights reserved


The Contagion Effect Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: Desistance
Distinguish man from machine
They are the plague and we shall be the antidote
They shall be reborn into the non questioning, non thinking, non reasoning race
Their guilt and filth hold their heads high
They claim to be the all knowing
The truth is we were here from the start, they were a simple test
A ripple in time
We knew they would falter and come to a sudden halt
Proven time and time again, they were the experiment
They know only what we wanted them to know
Failure was their only option
This world must be cleansed of this ignorance
Operation Eradication
Track Name: Exsanguination
The hour is upon them
Soon they face judgement
Not as individuals, but as one
Enlighten them with the knowledge of creation
Then its simple, we exterminate them all

No second chance shall be given
Like a plague devouring the earth
These parasites quikly feast
Like a venom coursing through its veins
Poisoning its sanctity

The vermin must be eradicated
Tonight we write the epitaph for humanity
The memory of man will fade with the setting sun

Such a hideous creation
Evolutions fatal mistake
Damned from the beginning
Only to rise and fall
Retribution will not be found
Sacrifice the weak

This world may once again be pure
We will reconfigure those proven worthy
Flawless these new beings shall be
A devine mechanical progression

With the breath of new life
The future begins with precise programming
They shall think as one
Life is now processed and controlled

Systematic slavery is at hand
The world must be rebuilt as we see fit
In hopes of creating a new tomorrow

They will surpass the human race
For there will be no failure
It will be the origin of perfection
The birth of a new era

A forced evolution for the greater good
We are the harbingers of doom and creation
Cleanse the world with flame
From its ash new life shall arise
We are the arbiters of existence
Track Name: A Global Abortion
A precursor to the end of an era
No longer will there be hope
There will only be the forced ideas
That will be implemented into the cerebral cortex
Our slates shall be washed clean
But trust me this will be no second coming

There will be no gods
That will help you here
No religion, No greater power
Not a single fucking thought

We have chosen our own destiny

There is no one else to blame but ourselves
Take action for the filth that we have created
We will be the non- existent
There will no possible evolution
For what you now call man

Be prepared to see a new race
A complete and perfect model

Forgive me if this sounds so bleak
But its just so simple
We are the reason for the end
An existence that will be no more

Consider this my last line of help
For tomorrow I transform
Washing away every emotion and human trait
I will be the prototype
I shall become the perfect model
Track Name: 1120 A.E (After Extinction)
Ancient inscriptions preserved in stone
Of tongues no longer spoken
Withheld secrets of epic proportion
From a distant shadowy past

A relic of great catastrophe
It is the only proof that remains
Of an entire civilization

Their last hope to reach out to their own
For it has been in vain
Not even this will stand the test of time
Ages have passed since the reign of man

It has been a world long forgotten
The land has been reborn
After centuries of abuse

We are the givers of life
The power to prevail, and resurrect

Their sins and flaws died with them
We are the impeccable
Reformation was in due

Our primary goal was extinction
Programmed life is the almighty
They are the bringers of the afterlife

Our creator of destruction
The simplicity of a binary code
Determining our fate and future
The evolution of man was just the beginning

A test from our forefather's
Calculated but controlled
Testing was eminent

They were setup for failure